Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Bravado DSR?

The straight razor is undoubtedly an integral instrument of the barbering craft. The Bravado DSR is Personal Charm’s branded disposable straight razor made of high quality lightweight plastic and a fused razor blade for the ultimate grooming experience.

2. What is the Bravado DSR designed to do?

The Bravado DSR’s primary objective is reduce cross contamination of blood borne viruses and hepatitis as well as downtime related to sanitizing and sourcing straight razor supplies.

Our Disposable straight razors allow artists as much creative shaving and shaping potential as possible by eliminating blade movement and the slim wedge profile offers the closest and most comfortable shave. 

The precision aspect is furthered by the non-slip grip along the handle to provide unrivaled thumb control. 

3. What makes the Bravado unique?

Each Bravado disposable straight razor is identical to the next, this helps reduce the time required to source, purchase and ship razor blades, receptacles and handles.


The light weight plastic handle is ergonomically developed to help reduce carpal fatigue related to shaping and shaving  through out the course of a barbers day.

The Bravado DSR allows you the maximum closeness and the wedge design helps create seamless fades, hair or beard designs and bold crisp line-ups. 

4. Where is the Bravado DSR available?

The Bravado disposable straight razor is available for purchase on this website. For wholesale pricing and inquiries connect with us at for more information.

Ask For Us At Your Local Barber Supply Retailer.

5. Is BRAVADO Stericycle compliant?

Yes, BRAVADO fall into the single-use sharps catagory and barbershops that have Stericycle accounts can dispose of BRAVADO by placing them in the box.

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